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The making of the Sky Park billboards

Overview   Process  

Starting with the corporate billboard. We need to tell people about the changes: last year Sky Park started to sell clothes of major European brands. Before that, you had to go abroad to catch a glimpse of European fashion, now it is closer and more affordable.

Making sketches.

Developing another concept. Focusing on the changes: the shopping center got a makeover, changed the name, the logo and the style of addressing customers. Coming up with the slogan “Changing for you.” Let’s go.

Together with the client, choosing the Paris concept. Laying aside the Vermeer girl, she’ll come into play later.

Deciding on the style and making a first approach.

Adding people, watercoloring.

The tower, SkyPark and Vinnitsia got lost behind all these details. We need fresh air.

Done. Moving on to the spring/summer collections billboard. Collecting ideas.

Recalling the dressed-up painting. The client wants to use it.

Looking up better-known paintings. Deciding upon Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Ivan Kramskoy and The Birth of Venus by Sando Botticelli.

Liking the Unknown Woman better, so opting for it. Buying a floral blouse, taking pictures of a model, putting the picture together.

Changing the tattoo, adding a piercing, brushing up the details, and sending the picture to print.

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