• Industrial design
  • The making of the Smartlabs Hybrid set-top box

    Overview   Process   Hi-Res  

    Studying similar devices, potential materials and technologies.

    Drawing a bunch of sketches.

    The search goes on.

    Creating 3D models of some of the designs.

    Developing and visualizing the most plausible design.

    The resulting device is not cost-efficient for mass production. Sketching on.

    Drafting several new ideas.

    Making models of the new designs and comparing them with the current version.

    We decided to preserve the internal layout as much as possible, thus the case has to be similar to the existing model. The search continues.

    Choosing the search direction with the emphasis on the functional zone of the device and developing it further.

    Thinking over the layout.

    Entertaining other ideas.

    Offering other designs.

    Creating a model.

    Working through the details of the set-top box.

    Experimenting with colors.

    Creating color and texture maps.

    Assembly manual.

    The prototype.

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