The Making of Micronavigation in Starosadsky Pereulok

Overview   Process   Real Life   Vector  

Thinking how to decorate the alley with navigation tape that wraps around traffic sign poles. With this kind of “independent” navigation system anyone can print a sign on regular sticker paper. Also making permanent information signs that go on lamp posts and building corners.

Trying different types of navigation.

Building a system of labels for the most popular destinations.

Typesetting the sign about a skyscraper on the waterfront, which can be seen from Starosadsky Pereulok.

Typesetting and adding illustrations to the corner sign.

Thinking of other ways to solve the navigation problem.

Settling on bright round tags with arrows, which can be easily combined and pasted on any surface.

Adding color and emphasizing the skyscraper’s silhouette.

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