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Stary Melnik New Year 2005 Gifts website

[The work is in the museum]

On New Year’s Eve Stary Melnik beer fans are offered three New Year’s adventures at once:

1. A voyage to the world of fairy tales, or the Practical Manual for Blind New Year Celebration.

2. A merry snowball game, or Until the Snow Maiden is Blue with Cold. Crack shots can expect to get a case of Stary Melnik beer as a New Year present.

3. A new generation New Year’s greeting card for the new generation, or Beer in Every Picture. To create inimitable greeting cards, everyone gets 2005 bottles.

Release date: December 17 2004


Stary Melnik
art director and designer
Anton Yarusov
Lyudmila Dvoynova Kirill Ten Tatyana Zheltonozhkina
Macromedia Flash developer
Ivan Dembitsky
Igor Gladkoborodov Sonya Ovsyannikova
Yury Shvetsov
Svetlana Kalinnikova
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