Stoloto quick games interface

Overview   Process  

Task: to create a single interface for three lotteries.

Under the Federal Law “On Lotteries” lottery draws are to be held no more often than every fifteen minutes. The draws for Stoloto quick games are held every half hour. To make sure the excited players have to wait less, a single interface was created that combines three games whose draws are staggered in time.

Winners of Keno-Sportloto, Top-3 and Rapido are determined successively
The player can choose to play random, even, odd numbers or multiples of 5 or 7
The number of tickets purchased for each game is shown on its tab
The statistics section displays the results of previous draws as well as the most and least winning numbers
The table on the right reminds of all bets made today

As soon as the draw starts, winning numbers start to appear on a popup window. All the players have to do is carefully watch for matches and celebrate their victory.

Lucky numbers

Release date: November 11 2014


art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Natalia Tikhonkikh
Oleg Maykhopar
Konstantin Tomashevich
Evgeny Kuleshov
Aleksandr Ischenko
project managers
Ekaterina Zheleznyak
Anastasia Bezborodova

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