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Gosloto corporate identity

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Gosloto corporate identity guidelines (In Russian, PDF, 10 MB)

Gosloto sellers design guidelines (In Russian, PDF, 4 MB)

Problem: Develop a corporate identity package for Gosloto.

Gosloto, the national Russian lottery, offers a variety of games. We created their corporate identity, including outdoor and public transport advertising, drawings tables, and so on.


Release date: May 06 2010


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
technical designers
Aleksandr Smetanka
Andrey Gargul
Vladimir Zotov
type designer
Elena Novoselova
Zhdan Filippov
Anna Golovina
Iskander Mukhamadeev
Filipp Shprints
Katerina Andreeva
Aleksey Luri

We devised and described the rules for making all sorts of flyers and posters.

Easy to win

For business cards we prepared a few designs to choose from.

Lottery-style business card—scratch it at a meeting and be a winner
Everyone at Gosloto has a set of cards with different numbers—just pick which one to give

Naturally, we created templates for various business documents.

Nice notebook full of checks
Smart letterheads and envelopes

To complete the package we designed corporate gifts including cheerful bags and funny T-shirts.

“I’ve got lucky balls”

The guidelines are pulled together into a brandbook.

Double-page spread about public transport ads
Double-page spread about the corporate ribbon and characters
Double-page spread with balls

For those who are going to be selling Gosloto lottery tickets there are special sellers design guidelines.

Double-page spread about advertising elements for booths
Double-page spread about sets of stickers to be provided for sellers

Let the red ribbon be a symbol of good fortune.

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