Housing Lottery logo

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Task: to create a logo for a lottery.

The Housing Lottery is the first lottery in Russia for those who are looking to become homeowners. Each player has a chance to win one of thousands cash prizes, a car or the main prize, an apartment. The logo created at the studio featuring a lotto ball with an image of a house and the letter м squared demonstrates the lottery’s connection with real estate.

The logo in Russian and in English

Release date: June 08 2015


art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Anton Zhukov
secret advisor
Sergey Steblina
type designer
Ksenia Erulevich
Anna Potapkina
project managers
Yulia Figlovskaya
Svetlana Kost

Many combinations of the symbol and the text part were created for various uses.

Primary versions of the logo

The structure of the logo allows placing it on any background thanks to the semi-transparent regions in the reflection areas and shadows that can be easily adjusted manually.

The logo on transparent and black backgrounds,on the corporate color and against corporate patterns of the Housing Lottery and Stoloto

Simplified versions of the logo were created for use in souvenirs, signs, tickets and receipts.

Three-colored and monochrome versions

Rules for the use of the logo as well as corporate colors, patterns and the typeface are given in the guide.

Opening on drop shadow types

Opening on invalid use of the logo

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