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    The making of the Stoloto logo

    Overview   Process  

    We start by modernizing the text portion of the previous logo.

    Fine-tuning the main figure.

    Checking out how it will look all together.

    Trying to put it on a web page.

    Not quite. How about 3D?

    Converting the vector image to 3D and assembling.

    Trying on the header again.

    The search continues.

    Still, something is missing. Trying to add more volume.

    Maybe coins?

    Client: There should be no coins. No money references whatsoever.

    Then how about balls?

    Or cubes?

    Nope, it was better with the balls. Drawing textures.

    Trying it on once again.

    The character needs to be adjusted.

    A bit more.

    How about this?

    No, too bright. Getting back to the more simple version and trying to see how it looks in small scale.

    Trying small versions.

    The finish line.

    Working on the English version.

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