Stoloto lottery results interface

Overview   Process  

Task: to show the course of the game live.

Every ten minutes a draw of one of Stoloto’s quick lotteries is being displayed on screens installed in the company’s retail shops. The interface developed at the studio allows visitors of the shops watch all draws and instantly see the latest results.

Taking a new height

While waiting, visitors can enjoy nonintrusive background animation and study game statistics. After each draw the active panel collapses and stays this way until the next game.

Each game has its own theme

Release date: February 20 2015


art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Vasily Sergeev
Anna Voshkarina
Mikhail Iskandarov
technical designer
Vladimir Zlydnev
Dmitry Ryzhov
Aleksandr Ischenko
project managers
Ekaterina Zheleznyak
Anastasia Bezborodova

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