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    The making of the Stoloto online mall

    Overview   Process  

    Starting off from the front page.

    Testing a concept of dividing the website into three sections: brief, detailed, and for the first timers.

    Trying to breath some life into the layout. How about bringing a few pretty girls in to replace the numbered balls? Preparing a presentation of the concept.

    Too boring. Throwing everything against a bright background and presenting design concept for the mall website and game websites to the customer.

    At this point, initiating the work on the grid to accommodate different screen resolutions.

    Charting all key-pages.

    Drafting various carts and order history pages.

    Putting thought into bet placing page.

    All in vain. Everything turns out overcomplicated. It’s essential to simplify the betting yet to keep it true to the original concept. Trimming it to the very basic place-your-bet-scroll-repeat.

    Now back to the pretty girls. And a lot of them. Inviting models and makeup artists for a photoshoot.

    Going to Oleg for some cool buttons he can draw. But, for the sake of versatility, ending up with the CSS-created buttons instead.

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