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    The making of the Stoloto online lottery mall 2.0

    Overview   Process  

    Part I   Part II  

    The first approach becomes the core of the global makeover. Placing the accents on the storefront with lotteries and on the large advertisement banner; introducing new top bar for savvy players.

    Individual lottery tiles include descriptions of lotteries which change as we work on the project.

    Designing the authorization bar along with the bar for savvy users.

    As we go, the authorization bar design changes a lot.

    Trying out different controls and informers.

    Checking out how highlights of a draw will look.

    Trying to group the lotteries.

    At one point the client asks to provide a random way to choose a lottery. Coming up with a spinning drum.

    Trying out the spring header.

    Listing the parameters of all the lotteries in a table in order to create a helper.

    Analyzing the table and estimating the appearance of the filter block.

    Over the course of the project, the bar for savvy players gets relocated many times.

    Trying different options for positioning lottery tiles on the main page to solve various arising issues.

    Searching for a place to show payment options.

    Choosing the best design for a one click bet.

    Drawing a teaser ad for a new series of instant lotteries.

    Part II

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