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  • The making of the Gosloto campaign for Sheremetevo

    Overview   Process   Real Life  

    Coming up with the arch concept


    Lottery-focused approach

    Should we put lottery balls with lucky numbers overhead? So you can literally touch your luck?

    Lottery balls=balloons:

    No, no, and no.


    Olympic pedestal?


    Horse shoe?

    How about “Luck is like a piece of glass: fragile yet real?”

    Guys scanning passersby for a potential lottery winner?

    Oh yeah, baby. Just get a gal instead of dudes.

    Getting rid of Beeline-ish look, taking pictures of a model, and voilà.

    Baggage “sleeve” conveyor.

    Are you thinking the same thing we did when we first looked at the luggage “sleeve”—It’s sooo like a lottery drum for there’s always something coming from it, yet you never know what will be the next.

    For example, let’s roll some lottery balls down:

    Or lottery balls mixed with assorted luggage.

    Or launch a special suitcase on the carousel:

    We could also draw different types of duffels, hard cases, and other standard traveling bags with a specified amount of win-money you could fit in each:

    Straight-forward approach:

    Or, say, the “sleeve” is not a sleeve at all, but a giant python:

    Or a pipe:

    Or pea-pods:

    Or fishes:

    Ok, it’s time to admit we need to issue another weekend homework assignment to our designers and wait for what they come up with.

    Here are the results:

    Obviously, the same x-ray idea came to several people’s mind.

    Some more:

    Fridge concept. You won big, took the first flight out, had time only to scribble a goodbye-note:

    And finally the winner! The good fortune slides down the belt right into your hands. The reversed perspective and suitcases will come later:

    Drawing, rendering, editing, rendering, and sending to production.

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