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All for a Hundred lottery interface

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[The project is in the museum]

Task: to come up with an interface for a new material lottery.

The time of the next draw of All of a Hundred lottery depends on how fast players make their bets. The draw is held as soon as all tickets are sold.

BMW leads the race

Ticket price is fixed, though each player has to the desired prize by selecting a category to make the corresponding draw start sooner.

The car is in demand

The internal mechanism of the website analyzes the speed of ticket sales in each group and estimates the date of the draw.

Release date: February 20 2015


art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Vasily Sergeev
Natalia Tikhonkikh
Artem Bednyy
technical designer
Anna Voshkarina
Evgeny Kuleshov
Aleksandr Ischenko
project manager
Ekaterina Zheleznyak
At the finish line

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