The making of the logo

Overview   Process  

A logo for a financial service. The first associations: money and movement.

Piling up the sketches.

Client: Not quite. We don’t want an apparent dollar sign in the logo.

Making more sketches and showing to the client.

The client likes the idea with the bird. Developing it.

Client: It looked better in the sketch. Why did the wings turn out so odd? Anyway, it’s not the bird we were looking for.

Abandoning the idea of the bird with banknote wings. Maybe, a flying bundle of money?

The client insists on a bird. Trying different options.

Maybe, a flamingo? A pink one, of course.

Client: It’s nice, but no. We need a lady bird.

A bunch of color options.

The client likes Bello typeface, so we try to draw the text portion of the logo in a similar style.

Maybe it would be better with no symbol at all? Convincing the client to remove the bird from the logo and use it as a separate character.

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