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to create a motivating tool to help plan the rest of your life.

Every day, people are overwhelmed by many small tasks that eat up their energy and time leaving nothing for truly important undertakings that are meaningful in the long run. Timestripe is a calendar that helps realize the finality of life and motivates to start doing what is really important. Users can set targets and create task lists leading to their completion.

Calendar till the end of your life

In the Overview mode, the lifetime is broken down into decades, years, months and weeks. The system helps pick a target and gives hints as to what result is achievable by what age.

At the age of 43, Marie Curie won her second Nobel prize

The clock shows minutes, days and years ticking away. Motivating quotes by great people put you in an active mood and inspire to achieve ambitious goals.

The clock

Many people would like to keep their lifetime goals a secret. A special secure mode was developed for such users which when activated prevents unencrypted data from becoming available on the internet. Operation of the encryption system is explained on a separate page.

Encryption system details

The website includes a store where people can order clothes with their personal calendar.

Things to remind of the time past and remaining

art director and designer

  • Sergey Kulinkovich
  • Andrey Maykov

technologist and designer

  • Anatoly Burov


  • Jenia Filatova
  • Igor Fatkin

audio designer

  • Pavel Miheev