Website Anniversary page

The making of the Tyazhmash 75th anniversary page

Overview• Process

Making the first approach to the block on the main page and the new section. There are plans to publish a book for the anniversary, so we decide to design the block as a book as well.

Showing to the client. In the course of discussion coming to a realization that a book is not the best metaphor for the section as it can easily be confused with the real edition. The information in the new section and the book will be different, which means we need to come up with something else for the website.

Reinventing the block on the main page, creating a layout for the entire section.

Here we need to announce the planned publication of the book. The client suggests to use a progress bar. Drawing it and subtly attaching a second idea with a construction set logo.

The client chooses the idea with the construction set but asks to make the book more recognizable.

Improving and typesetting.

Preparing the guide for photographing people, typesetting and launching.