Gross Kunst typeface

Task: To create a copy typeface with a display variation.

Gross Kunst is a humanist sans-serif with an open aperture, sharp outlines, and eye-catching details that make this full of character typeface very recognizable.

The type family has three fonts based on wide pen strokes. Depending on its purpose the styles differ in expressiveness and the level of ornamentation. Regular style—low-contrast and neutral—is the most natural choice for body-text. The display face is more dynamic and gets higher contrast. It’s very legible from a distance and would do its best on navigational and warning signage, plates, and such. Eloquent straight italics will adorn titles, announcements, and pages with ads.

This typeface was acknowledged at the international type design competition Modern Cyrillic ’09.

I want to be yours

Gross Kunst

Online price:  45.44  $
  ≈ 40  €
  ≈ 2999  руб.

Release date: March 14 2011


art director
Artemy Lebedev
type designer
Kirill Sirotin
This typeface was created at the Type and Typography class at British Higher School of Art & Design. Curator: Ilya Ruderman

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