Staromoskovsky typeface

Staromoskovsky typeface is provided at no charge for use in the design of street name plates in Moscow.

Overview   Process  

Task: to create a typeface for navigation based on the style of old Moscow street name plates.

Characteristic features of Staromoskovsky typeface include narrow proportions, high contrast of strokes, raised baseline, broad digits and small triangular serifs. Shapes of characters borrow from the typeface of old city plates, yet do not look archaic.

Staromoskovsky was created specifically for use in Moscow street navigation. The face includes two styles: regular and bold expanded. The former is to be used for writing names, while the latter is for typing digits and class designations: “street,” “boulevard,” “prospect” and so on.

Release date: April 04 2014


art director
Artemy Lebedev
secret adviser
Еrken Kagarov
Ksenia Erulevich

The typeface contains only letters of the Russian alphabet and characters required for typesetting of street name plates.

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