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Green Hills is a new housing estate constructed by Uniformstroy on the bank of the Moscow river. Architect is Yury Platonov, the Main Architect of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice President of the Moscow branch of the International Academy of Architecture, Professor of the Moscow Institute of Architecture.

Main page

It is possible to find the layout of any building and any apartment of the estate

Apart from the information on the architecture and infrastructure of the housing estate, the website also features the Walks section—a literary journey around Green Hills with impromptu illustrations inspired by well-known artists’ paintings.

The visitor gets a vague feeling that he or she has already been among these houses. Was it in dreams… or the Tretyakov Gallery?

Release date: January 24 2004


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    Have you ever noticed what an interesting foreground there is in “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh?

    Fragments of Green Hills facades in Giorgio de Chirico’s paintings

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