The making of the Unit House construction company logo

Overview• Process

Client: produces ready-to-live houses where architecture, design and technologies work as a whole. Our houses are beautiful, technological and brand new. They’re not about square feet or making money. When designing the house, we tried to take everything into account: Scandinavian minimalist architecture of the façades, functional and interesting layouts with no wasted square meters, high-tech HVAC systems. And design as a soul that combines all of this into a single product. To make sure the builders don’t screw it all up, we had to own the entire construction cycle. We love what we do. Beauty, the pursuit of perfection, simplicity and unity. In a market where these words have no meaning and promises have no value, it is very difficult for us to bring our values to the client. Which is why we came to you, so that you could help us formalize them through design and a corporate identity for us, our clients and employees.

Designer: Simple forms, minimalism, Scandinavian architecture, unity, technology.

Art director: 15 is nice but I can’t see the U in it. Maybe, go the other way around: use the U in this shape and put a roof and a chimney on top of it?

Designer: Their houses have flat roofs and no chimneys. They have gas heating, a sauna and a bio fireplace. Maybe, take the U out?

Art director: Still looks like a K. A U has to be rounded.

Designer: Some more geometry.

Designer: A U, an H, a cube, minimalism and an arrow.

Art director: I like the idea in 63, but you need to rotate it so it doesn’t read like a Ч. 55 is also nice. What if you add a hint of a door handle there?


Art director: 101 is OK, what if you raise the left leg a bit, the same way the right one is raised in 87?


Art director: Like this.

Designer: Right, it is a domain after all.