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Matiz is a popular Daewoo car. We have already created advertising posters, a booklet and developed guidelines for it. Next comes the promotion website.

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The website features four basic Matiz models: Universal, Exclusive, Best and Automatic.

Matiz Best page

Apart from traditional sections that list technical specifications and contain a price list and a photo gallery, we made a video clip for each model to highlight the car’s maneuvering capability, elegance and comfortable interior.

Release date: August 26 2005


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Ilya Mikhaylov
Kirill Ten
technical designers
Anton Gerasimenko Niyaz Sayfutdinov
Macromedia Flash designers
Andrey Azarov Oleg Paschenko
Macromedia Flash developers
Ivan Dembitsky Ruslan Shestopal
Igor Shmelev Nikolay Vershinin
Andreyka Lechev
screenplay writer
Oksana Klimenko
Olga Ekaterincheva Mikhail Komissarov
Irina Mirzoeva
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