The making of the Vash Partner logo

Overview• Process

Client: Our company offers financial and management accounting automation to stores and restaurants in Arkhangelsk. The name is Vash Partner. You can see the current logo on our website


Art director: Something like number 8. But the further sleeve is poorly cut.

Art director: Still, the back sleeve messes up the perspective.

Дизайнер: What if we rotate it this way?

Art director: That’s how you break an arm, not shake a hand. It should disappear into the distance.

Art director: Perfect. Now you just have to make the nail less female and fix the text.

Art director: The typeface is crap.

Art director: You can start with a capital letter. Right now all of them lack imagination. Can you try moving the text around? And let me remind you, you can only use studio’s typefaces.

Art director: 3 is OK.