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Vozrozhdeniye Bank website 1.0

[The work is in the museum]

Problem: Create a new version of the bank’s website without making any significant changes to its design.

The website contains complete description of services for individual and corporate customers and financial institutions. Special attention is paid to event reporting. A large volume of text information is supplemented with photos and diagrams.

Main page

The website features information on the bank’s branches: surnames and telephones of branch directors, addresses and working hours of all offices, service packages for different customer categories, and regional branches’ latest news.

Release date: December 09 2005


art director and designer
Oleg Paschenko
technical designers
Yury Mikhaylov
Stanislav Sabirov
Macromedia Flash developer
Ivan Dembitsky
Aleksandr Petrosyan
Andreyka Lechev
Vladimir Tokmakov
Stepan Reznikov
Denis Maymistov
Olga Ekaterincheva
Igor Kurbanov
Maria Rogova
Irina Mirzoeva
technical designers
Andrey Egorov
Nadezhda Kozyulina

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