VTB24 Private Banking website

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[This work is in the museum]

Problem: Make a website for the bank’s most well-off clients.

VTB24 clients with substantial savings are offered a new service called Private Banking. It is available in two offices in Moscow and one office in St. Petersburg. The front page shows all the options sorted into two groups: For  Capital and For Comfort.

Front page that opens horizons

To create the Offices section we did a large photoshoot in three offices.

Interiors that breathe reliability

This website allows clients to get the information they are looking for fast, and shows everything to best advantage.

Release date: October 01 2009


art director
Oleg Paschenko
Aleksey Seleznev
Oleg Morev
Sergey Timoshin
Sergey Kopalkin
Maksim Vasilev
beta tester
Dmitry Muratov
Aleksandra Zakharova
Ilya Plotnikov
Aleksandr Mazaykin
Maksim Dolgov

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