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Vse Sam vending kiosks interface

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Task: to design an interface for automated vending kiosks selling consumer goods.

The Vse Sam kiosk interface allows to make easy unassisted purchases providing easy selection from a wide range of goods and convenient payment.

In action

Thanks to contrasting colors and large text the information on display can be easily read even in poor visibility—at night or in bright sunlight.

Release date: July 10 2014


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Anna Kleymenova
Dmitry Zelinsky
Azamat Shamuzafarov
technical writer
Ilya Brovkin
Aleksandr Nosikov
Katerina Andreeva
project manager
Inna Sidorova
The studio wishes to thank Aleksander Zolotarev for his trust, comprehensive support and direct participation in the project
All clear

The interface leads the customer directly to the purchase. After entering the first symbols of the product code, the system suggests matching codes and highlights what’s important.

Buying process

Before paying, customers have the option to review the order or make changes. If everything is correct, the bin behind the glass starts to move collecting the products.

Product selection and payment

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