Navigation system at Yandex office

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Task: to prepare and realize an inspiring interior design.

In 2012, Yandex office has moved into a new location. The size of the new headquarters necessitated a navigation system. The agenda was to create a design which would also keep the general feel of the place cozy, inviting, and overall friendly.

Ariadne’s thread leading to the main entrance

The space is broken up by a great number of curved corridors and forks, add clone-looking “intersections” with staff constantly shifting their offices from room to room and it becomes too easy to get literally lost in the labyrinth.

Release date: May 30 2012


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Ilya Mikhaylov
designer and illustrator
Nikita Nikitin
Anton Aralin
Oleg Tischenkov
Masha Menshikova
Egor Zhgun
Yana Moskalyuk
project managers
Aleksey Luri
Aleksandra Zyuzina
Evgenia Ezhikova

from Yandex:

project managers
Svetlana Kondrashova
Nadezhda Rozhanskaya

Floor navigation

Numbered mileposts are the backbone of the new navigation system pointing to the nearest exits, meeting rooms, coffee stations, and restrooms. Marker-friendly surfaces invite Yandex employees to add new details to the signs.

The testing squad has landed on the fifth floor
Post species chart

The headquarters spread over three wings and six working floors, thus the double-digit indexing on the posts with the first number for the floor and the second for the location, think hotel style. The short wing has letters instead of digits on the second position.

Wall navigation/fire evacuation plan

Some signs are duplicated along the edge of the ceiling tile “skylights.”

The deck is straight ahead
The “skylight” openings are designed to allow to service the pipes and are all over the place
Before and after


We thought up a theme for each floor and picked special numbers with some underlaying hints and metaphors to match.


Artwork compliments the metaphors enciphered in the numbers.

Dry functionality of the navigation signs is counter-weighted by artwork generously spread throughout the interior.

Pool table ahead
1st floor mataphors
Twenty million
Gym to the right
Our moose
The artwork is printed on “white board” film which can be drawn upon with markers. (see “Real life”)

Stairwell navigation and stuff

Find a list of everything a building has to offer by elevators.

The building’s guide
in elevators hall
The floor’s guide
by the stairs

Illustratoins and miscellaneous extras supporting the floor’s theme by elevators.

Fairy tale

The executive seventh floor features an interactive light animation.

Let the fish out
Projector installation scheme

Such interior design leaves the dwellers no other choice but to burst with original ideas and solutions.

Welcome to Yandex!

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