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Website content provided and updated by Zhytlobud staff — in English — in Ukrainian — in Russian

Problem: Build a website following new corporate identity guidelines.

Zhytlobud company constructs residential and office buildings in Ukraine. The site presents all Zhytlobud’s projects, including those already finished, under development, and being planned.

Main page features a tri-vision billboard advertising new houses
Buildings put in a good light of Kiev’s moon

Visitors to the site are invited to enjoy the night cityscape with Zhytlobud’s buildings and some extras, like a palm tree, a pokemon, a cheeseburger, seven teleports and other “landmarks.”

In the quiet of the Ukrainian night

Release date: July 29 2008


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Oleg Korotaev Aleksandr Smetanka Beslan Birzhev Konstantin Loginov
technical designers
Pavel Radyuk Tatyana Lyashenko Vladimir Shlygin
Pavel Chistyakov
technical director
Sergey Chikuenok
Anton Lisenko Aleksandr Samilyak
Oleg Podchashinsky
Katerina Andreeva
Maksim Stupenko

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Oleg Kurovskoy and Igor Shnurenko for their contribution to the project

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