• Graphic design
  • The making of the CSKA’s One Thousand Victories and One Defeat in Soccer Programs two-volume book design

    Overview• Process

    Starting to work on the mock-up. Stylizing it to match the time period.

    Removing the stylization, going with a single design for the entire book and elaborating it.

    Adding details from the programs, this makes things much more interesting.

    The designer sends in cover sketches.

    Preparing half-titles. We want them to contrast with other openings. Trying to multiply large numbers and pictures.


    The edition has a few openings with graphics and interesting statistics. Decorating one of the bonus openings with Igor Sokolov’s cartoon renditions of the team’s players.

    The opening on CSKA emblems contains interesting facts in addition to the pictures.

    Deciding to add line drawings to illustrate the facts.

    Doing the same for the opening on soccer balls.

    Coming up with images for facts about trophies.

    While we are preparing the book, CSKA wins a couple more cups.

    Pictures for the first two facts look boring, trying to find a way to make them more interesting.

    The legendary confrontation of the curb and the kerb?

    A Jolly Roger made of Saint Petersburg’s coat of arms?

    The trophy is in a puddle of water and Peter the Great is crying? No, a trophy placed in dirt just won’t work.

    Or what about this: Peter the Great is crying and a soccer ball is in a puddle?

    Or maybe the cup is under rain and there’s another guy instead of Peter. It’s both about Moscow and horses, the nickname of CSKA players.

    The art director asks why the horse has such a silly face and the ball is being pierced. Making the horse look smarter.

    Without the spear, the guy becomes a regular mounted knight. Bringing back the spear and moving on to endpapers.

    The endpapers show the evolution of the team’s uniforms over time and reference programs featuring a review of the team’s colors.