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    [The work is in the museum]

    SIM-Service is a great find for people collecting foreign SIM cards. For example, a Prague collector can purchase the card of an Italian telecom operator without setting his foot outside his home city.

    No need to pay for roaming any more

    SIM-Service is equally indispensable for travelers. If you buy the MobiNil card in Moscow, your incoming calls will cost you nothing when you are say in Egypt. And you’ll pay 5-6 times less for outgoing calls.

    People want to forget the word “roaming”. To get this message across, 2P Agency, the company offering SIM-Service, bought domain names in many countries of the world. We are rolling out relevant websites and translating the mantra “Made in Art. Lebedev Studio” into different languages.

    Release date: July 05 2005


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