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    3Com Network Assistant is an online reference resources on network communications.

    This is one of 3Com’s projects created to help network users with installation and maintenance of equipment.

    Design includes specialty icons

    The site uses elements of 3Com’s corporate design. Sections bar is always at hand for visitors to navigate through the pages.

    Network Assistant is ready to explain you what benefits networks of different types offer and what equipment should be used to create them.

    Network Assistant software is available for download. The site also features a network glossary that can be used while visiting—it opens in a separate window.

    Release date: October 06 1999


    art director
    design, icons
    script, HTML
    Art. Lebedev Studio proprietary technolpgy

    Typefaces: Officina Sans Serif, Web Design

    Only legal software was used in this project

    Website operated under Linux using Apache

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