“Training Simulator for Thorough Boys” game for 3Com

[The work is in the museum]

It’s a classic quest featuring routers, hubs and ironing shirts.

You’ll learn how to deal with clients, succeed at the exhibitions, tackle any difficulties and handle the 3Com equipment

Your character works for a company dealing in the 3Com equipment. You get to work and are give the task to meet and negotiate with an important client. In case of success you conclude a contract with a large insurance company. To win, you have to be considerate, well iron your shirts and possess an idea of what level three routing stands for.

“Training Simulator for Thorough Boys” is a limited edition game that is to be distributed on CDs among 3Com’s official partners in the CIS countries. It can also be found on the 3Com Russian website.

Ordered by 3Com.

Release date: June 18 2002


art director

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