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    We start by creating a plan. The company has six major lines of business, each of which includes a similar set of services. To make sure all the information is presented properly, we decide to go with the matrix structure, similar to coordinates on a chessboard.

    4stihii process 01

    Starting the search for the style of the future website.

    4stihii process 02

    Not what we need. The search goes on.

    4stihii process 03

    And on.

    4stihii process 04

    And on.

    4stihii process 05

    Thinking through internal pages. Due to the absence of quality photographs, deciding to use illustrations as main typographic elements. This brings us to the overall concept: to wrap images of all lines of business in a single animated composition on the main page.

    4stihii process 06
    4stihii process 07

    Assembling a prototype to ensure viability of the idea.

    4stihii process 08

    The concept is approved, presented to the client and sent for drawing to the illustrator whose style is most suitable for the task.

    Preparing a sketch with all the elements of the main page.

    4stihii process 09

    Since the illustration is technically complex, asking a consultant for help.

    4stihii process 10

    Redrawing the sketch. Receiving a new batch of corrections.

    4stihii process 11

    Redrawing again.

    4stihii process 12

    The client approves the sketch. Starting to work on the final drawing.

    4stihii process 13

    Deciding on the colors.

    4stihii process 14

    Working on details.

    4stihii process 15

    Each section of the website has to feature an illustration in the style of the image on the main page.

    Preparing drafts.

    4stihii process 16

    Working on the pneumomail illustration.

    4stihii process 17

    Drawing a sketch and preparing the image for the section on patient signaling system.

    4stihii process 18

    Illustrating air movement in clean rooms.

    4stihii process 19

    Working on internal pages.

    4stihii process 20

    Each project page describes all stages of the project from early blueprints up to photographs of completed facilities.

    4stihii process 21

    Preparing a mock-up of the Equipment section.

    4stihii process 22

    After a while, deciding to discard it due to the difficulty of keeping it up to date.

    Adding animation to make the main page a bit more lively.

    4stihii process 23
    4stihii process 24
    4stihii process 25

    The texts provided by the client came mostly as lists. Putting them through some serious editing before posting on the website.

    Fixing bugs.

    4stihii process 26

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