4Tochki online store templates

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Task: to create website templates for an online store.

Since 1997, 4Tochki online store has been selling tires and rims for motorcycles, cars, trucks and special vehicles. The templates developed at the studio for the store help make finding and purchasing the right product easier.

4tochki main
The helper on the main page allows to filter tires and rims by size, car model and a whole range of additional parameters

Each product page contains product details, videos and specifications, a list of available sizes, customer reviews and recommendations.

4tochki michelin
Simply choose the size to make an order

In the shopping cart customers can see a list of added products and the total purchase amount, information about active promotions and hours of operation of pickup locations. They can also make an appointment for tire fitting.

4tochki cart
The page will help get the best discount

Release date: October 21 2014


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