• Industrial design
  • The making of the Sphere Of Fate packaging

    Overview   Process  

    Being overwhelmed with all neon-colored packaging for modern magic spheres, we wanted to make something rather calm, clear, and illustrative.

    8 process 01

    Designer: I like this package from the sixties and I’ll use it as a springboard. The forth side can be reserved for certifications (if needed) and a barcode.

    Art director: go ahead.

    8 process 02

    Thinking all the details through, laying out the box, and getting rid off all the non-performers.

    8 process 03

    Almost there. Having a fresh look at the whole thing once more.

    8 process 04

    Shuffling some elements around for better logic and attention flow, adding a couple of pictograms and the studio’s name.

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