888.ru bookmakers website

Task: to design a website for a bookmaker.

Beginner betters are often scared away by the complexity of betting websites. Trying to understand the systems, expresses, totals and handicaps is already difficult, and D’Alembert and Oscar’s grind strategies simply make the brain hurt.

Everything on the website is completely clear and not at all scary, on the contrary, everything is very beautiful. The main goal of the website is to show that making bets on outcomes of sporting events is very simple. All it takes is just four steps: choose the sport, the event, and the type of bet and finally make a bet. Therefore, the main part of the website is divided into four zones.

Become a player

Usually, to register on a betting website you need to enter your personal data manually and then visit an office to confirm your identity. Registration on 888.ru is simple and enjoyable. The whole process is broken down into clear steps and at each stage future players are guided by hints written in plain language. Customer support represented by its own block in the footer is always a click away.

The registration page has a form to send passport scans. Entering data manually is not necessary as the website will extract the information automatically. You also don’t need to go anywhere to confirm your identity. If it is required, the company’s employees themselves will come to a location that is convenient for the player to make sure he is exactly who he claims to be.

Prepare a coupon and make a bet

Preparing a coupon and making a bet are two main stages of the betting process. It’s important to take into account many details and make sure not to miss anything. Therefore, coupons immediately make it clear what is happening right now and what to do next.

After checking the main parameters: the event, bet amount and possible winnings, the player clicks the big purple button

Bets are made one by one or in groups, in expresses or in a system. Grouping reduces the probability of winning but significantly increases the size of winnings. Other ways to increase the winnings are also described on the website

The coupon instantly responds to changes to the bet status and immediately notifies of any problems. Therefore, it is impossible for example to make incompatible bets

Pleasant animations were created for different scenarios of working with coupons

Learn about bets

If you don’t yet feel you’ve reached the level of a professional sports predictor, the About Bets page can help you. Here you can check the level of your knowledge by taking a difficult quiz and learn about the intricacies of the betting process.

If you really want to play but don’t have a computer at hand, you can use the mobile version of the website or the mobile app. A special page talks about benefits of using the alternative versions.

One hundred and thirty-three sports pictograms and several animated illustrations were created, rendered and packed into a typeface specifically for the website.

Made in 294 days
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