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to develop a basic functionality of a sports news website.

8 news is a sports news website with all kinds of content. It has big editorials, a newsfeed, live broadcasts, video blogs and tests.

The initial version of the website with basic functionality was developed at the studio. It is the start that will allow the new resource to start growing, develop and introduce new features with time.

The information on main page is sorted by importance. Live broadcasts and announcements of upcoming matches are shown on the large slider at the top of the website while analytical articles and important editorials are presented on central blocks with pictures. On the side is a newsfeed that can be adjusted to show either main or the most popular news.

The Video Blogs section received special attention: it is one of the main sections of the website, is updated often and is highlighted in black.

The most popular sports among the website’s visitors are soccer, hockey, tennis, MMA and cybersport. Each of them has its own section with an icon.

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Various formats were created for news of different types.

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The first screen of an article page contains the title, lead, relevant links, share buttons and the picture. The article can be easily enhanced with social network widgets.

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