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Materials for Activ advertising campaign

Problem: Create print ads for two advertising campaigns of the Activ brand owned by GSM-Kazakhstan.

For the promotion events, the studio prepared print ads to be placed in Russian printed media: layouts of posters, billboards, ATM ads; lightboxes, bus shelters, and bus handrails.

Print ad about cards’ extended expiration date at a bus stop

For Semipalatinsk (where people speak a Kazakh dialect) and Astana (where there are some peculiar laws) unique layouts were made.

Print ad about a 75% discount on a 6×3 m board

A total of 74 layouts were created. The smallest is 6.5 cm, the biggest is 24 m high.

Release date: October 06 2006


art director

Art. Lebedev Studio’s thanks go to GSM-Kazakhstan employees Irina Kovshar, Anton Larin and Tamilla Prudnik for their help in project implementation

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