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to create a logo.

Ad hoc develops software for satellite equipment manufacturers and provides integration services for satellite projects. It operates in a very complex and narrow area: there are only 200–300 potential clients for such services in the whole world.

A subtle and metaphoric logo for the company was created at the studio.

adhoc logo

Ad hoc is a snobbish name made of a Latin phrase. The phrase means “a solution to a problem that does not work for any other problems” and symbolizes an individual approach to work.

Coming up with a metaphor for custom solutions: taking the two words of the company’s name and turning them into elements of a puzzle that only fit each other.

The words come together to form a structure made of two letters. The h’s serifs carefully envelope the back of the d and turn the structure into a single element.

An imaginative viewer can even see a lock that can only be opened with one key.

ad hoc card

Coloring the two parts of the logo in bright colors to make the metaphor more evident.

Trying it on souvenirs. Nice and beautiful.

adhoc cup

art director

project manager

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