AFI Development website

[The work is in the museum]

Problem: Make a website for a software development company.

AFI Development was founded in 2001 to manage the Russian real estate assets of the international holding Africa Israel Investments. In Moscow the company built such housing estates as Palaty Muravyovykh and Kvartal na Patriarshikh, and reconstructed the lodging house on Malaya Molchanovka.

Bright outlook

The website uses simple and dynamic shapes. Two walls make a centerpiece that allows to navigate and indicates nesting. The images are done in black and white to underscore the overall elegance of the design.

The section telling about the company and its mission features a branch with offspringing fresh ideas.

Calm green sets off the corporate blue color

Those curious about the future are welcome to study AFI’s expansion plans for the next few years.

Large-scale plan


art director

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