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    Task: to visualize durability.

    AGC is a European company with headquarters in Brussels. It produces flat glass used in external glazing, solar generator manufacturing, furniture design and automobile construction. In order for car dealers to use consistent advertising materials, a series of graphic templates was designed at the studio.

    agc city
    City format

    Release date: May 07 2015


    art director
    Еrken Kagarov
    Ivan Olenkevich
    Pavel Gerasimchuk
    Vladimir Pavlenko
    Valery Tolchanov
    Jenia Filatova
    type designer
    Ksenia Erulevich
    Anna Golovina
    project managers
    Grigory Sharov
    Dmitry Loginov

    A figure skater gliding over a smooth surface without leaving a trace illustrates how hard it is to damage the glass.

    agc billboard
    No explanatory text needed on the billboard

    Vector images for light and dark backgrounds expand the possibilities of advertising application.

    agc mono
    Elegant monochrome

    The layout can be arranged in one of the following ways.

    agc 3 girls
    Slogan placement options

    agc docs

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