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    Agent.ru visual identity

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    Task: to design a visual identity for Agent.ru company.

    We upgraded the logo and adapted it for print by adding volume to the illuminators, and designed other elements of the visual identity.

    agent ru identity logo
    Ready for print

    Several additional versions of the logo for different applications were introduced and described in the guidebook.

    Release date: February 20 2012


    art director
    technical designer
    project manager
    agent ru identity guidelines logo
    A two-colored and monochrome versions of the logo on black and white backgrounds
    agent ru identity guidelines sign
    Pages of the guidebook on signs
    agent ru identity docs
    A full set of business documents

    agent ru identity fridge
    A traveller’s fridge

    The corporate pattern includes elements associated with travelling, holidays and good mood.

    A whirl of pleasant associations

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