Air Crosswalk design concept

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Task: to boost pedestrian safety.

Crosswalk is a dangerous place, where pedestrians can get hit by car. Crosswalks are usually specially marked (with signs, additional traffic lights, etc.) for drivers to have enough time to slow down.

Parallel white stripes (in some places called “zebra”) are used to mark pedestrian crosswalks in most countries.

Our idea is to have double marking with illuminated stripes put above the road. It would solve several problems.

Release date: November 11 2008


art director & designer

In the city

Firstly, pedestrians crossing the road would be lit. As a rule, people think that if they see a car, then the driver is also aware. And that is only true during daytime. In twilight and at night a person on the road is really hard to see. Overhead lighting could help ensure pedestrian safety forcing drivers to take notice of crossing people (sadly, people often suffer heavy injuries and die in crosswalk accidents).

Secondly, such a crosswalk could be seen from far away, which is especially important for poor lit roads outside the city, where drivers may not expect pedestrians.

Thirdly, stripes above the road would make an easily noticable and recognizable mark for a crosswalk, even with no actual road marking or snow-covered during wintertime.

Outside the city

Air Crosswalk could be created using discharge lamps or lazer projection. Particular technical design would depend on the city architecture and budget.

First Air Crosswalks will appear in 2009 in Tumen, Russia, where this project got approved by the local road police department.

We, Art. Lebedev team, are willing to work with road safety councils and local authorities on improving and designing road marking and signage, traffic and city lights, urban furniture, etc.

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