The making of Air Crosswalk at VDNKh

• Process
Real Life

Our task is to bring the concept to life. Studying road structures of similar purpose: traffic light poles, lighting columns, etc.

It turns out, our idea has already been implemented in Vladimir, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Kumertau.

Defining basic properties of an ideal pedestrian crossing for Air Crosswalk. It has to be an unregulated pedestrian crossing on a one or two lane road, with no trolleybus wires or tram lines.

Going through possible structure designs.

Settling on the diagonal layout. Bringing it to real-life dimensions.

Holding virtual testing. The distance to the structure matches average stopping distance of a car moving at 60 km/h (40 mph) in various weather conditions. Views from control points show that lamp dimensions make little difference, which means they don’t necessarily have to repeat dimensions of road markings below them.

We receive an offer to install Air Crosswalk at VDNKh. The artistic director suggests to go back to the crossbar with L-shaped columns. This makes the structure look lighter and simplifies lamp suspension.

Building a sketch model. The contractor performs calculations and creates blueprints.

Adding the model to the chosen location.

Order a design...