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Second version of Alcatel website

[The work is in the museum]

Alcatel is one of the world’s premier telecommunications equipment producers.

The website contains a huge database of the company’s diverse products: broadband access servers, digital telephone stations, secure gateways of virtual private networks, cross-polarized radio terminals and other equipment. The website features detailed descriptions, photos, schemes, maps, technical documentation, certificates, contact information of service centers.

‚тораЯ версиЯ сайта Alcatel
The website was designed in accordance with Alcatel web corporate standards

At any page of the website, the user can select any unknown abbreviation or acronym with the right mouse button and click the “Dictionary of Abbreviations” link. The website will automatically search for the abbreviation and share the results with the user.

Њобильные телефоны Alcatel
The “Mobile Phones” section was designed in a cheerful informal style. More specifically, this section hides a full-fledged website with its own design and navigation—a very good and useful resource

Release date: January 22 2003


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