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    Overview   Process  

     [The project is in the museum]

    Task: to create an interface for an online banking service.

    Alfa-Bank is launching the second version of its online banking service. This service allows you to keep track of your accounts, loans, check recent activities, and perform other online banking tasks.

    alfa click main favourites
    Most frequently used sections are added to Favorites

    Recent activity is shown on the accounts page. The transactions menu is also found on this page.

    alfa click accounts
    Expanded view of the account

    An expandable menu bar was added in order to allow quick navigation between pages.

    alfa click menu
    The entire service menu

    Release date: April 02 2013


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Fedor Fokin
    Sergey Pozhidaev
    technical designer
    Kirill Musienko
    interface developers
    Bogdan Kravtsov
    Yury Eremenko
    Anna Kleymenova
    Leonid Knyazev
    Lev Rogozhin
    Aleksandr Nosikov
    project manager
    Anna Rodionova

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