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    to introduce a special service.

    To their high net worth clients Alfa Bank offers instruments for managing business and making profitable investments. How exactly these services differ from traditional banking products is explained on the website developed at the studio.

    Strict monochrome color scheme keeps focused on the content

    Brief text blocks provide the most important information about the service. Website pages can be flipped through like an album, but they never overlap completely.

    Bookmarks are always visible to make navigation easier

    Design of the website’s main button rhymes with the bank’s logo.

    Moving forward

    art director

    • Sergey Kulinkovich


    • Maksim Fatfullin
    • Anton Zhivaga


    • Leonid Knyazev
    • Albert Iblyaminov

    beta tester

    • Dmitry Muratov


    • Aleksandr Nosikov

    project manager

    • Yulia Yudova
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