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to introduce a loyalty program.

Long before its start, FIFA World Cup 2018 has become incredibly popular. Tickets to the games are sold out mere hours after they become available and most of the fans are left empty-handed.

Alfa Bank decided to help the fans. Every one who orders the special card and uses it to make purchases gets bonus points. Once enough points have been accumulated, fan can choose a match and attend it without spending a single cent on the ticket.

A beautiful promo website explaining the mechanics of the process and the benefits for cardholders was created at the studio.

The main page contains all the main information, as it should. It even has fans that can be controlled with the mouse: the interactive experience instantly sets the mood. The page also introduces prizes available in the program that include tickets to the matches and various branded gadgets.

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Rules of the program differ slightly for individuals and small and medium businesses, but both are clearly explained on the website. Sliders on pages for businesses contain motivating stories about characters who have already participated in the program.

Photos of the prizes are beautifully taken and carefully retouched by the studio’s photographers making every one of them highly desirable. Clicking on each prize opens up its detailed description.

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