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    [The work is in the museum]

    Problem: Create a website for Alfa Bank division providing access to Forex market trading.

    Alfa-Forex is a system of remote real-time trading on the Forex international currency market. The website introduces the visitors to the nuts of bolts of currency trading and lists Alfa Bank’s terms and conditions for diverse categories of customers.

    Main page

    The demo version of Alfa-Forex access system is operating on the website. Website sections contain the Forex market review, currency market news, current and long-term forecasts.

    An illustrated step-by-step comics manual was created for individuals willing to become Forex traders.

    Release date: November 21 2005


    art director
    Oleg Paschenko
    Stanislav Sabirov
    Oksana Tumenyuk-Malashenko
    Aleksey Smychagin
    Nikita Zhuravlev
    Vladimir Tokmakov
    Mikhail Troshev
    Valery Cherkasov
    Denis Zarubin
    flash developers
    Ivan Dembitsky
    Mikhail Antipin
    interface developer
    Kirill Vyatchin
    Olga Ekaterincheva
    Mikhail Komissarov
    Maria Rogova
    Irina Koromyslova
    внештатные иллюстраторы
    Masha Ekimova
    Vladimir Kamaev

    Art. Lebedev Studio’s thanks are due to Forex dealers Pavel Demeshchik and Alexey Lyashchenko, as well as the chief editor of Alfa Bank website Mikhail Galushko.

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