Alfa Bank Express interface

Alfa Bank Express Internet bank is a system providing access to the bank’s services for private and corporate clients.

All pages are based on the single modular grid and designed in accordance with Alfa Bank Express corporate identity

With the Internet bank, Alfa Bank Express customers can check their accounts, look through the list of operations, open, activate and block their plastic cards, arrange credits and deposits and transfer funds to any account at Alfa Bank Express or another bank. The embedded mail service allows the customer to communicate with the bank.

Art. Lebedev Studio developed the design of typical elements and detailed guidelines for them. Additionally, studio specialists adapted the context help system and held a number of consultations, which allowed them to make the Internet bank simpler and more user-friendly.


To learn more about the program interface, one has to become an Alfa Bank Express client.

Release date: July 25 2003


art director
interface developers
technical designer

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