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Alfa Bank Ukrainian website 1.0

[The work is in the museum]

Alfa Bank (Ukraine) is Alfa Group’s central link in Ukraine. Alfa Group is one of Russia’s biggest private financial and industrial consortia whose interests are present in such sectors as oil, telecommunications, retail, banking, insurance, and foods production.

Website design meets Alfa Bank corporate identity requirements

The website of Alfa Bank’s Ukrainian branch contains complete information on the bank’s operations. Private and corporate clients can read the terms and conditions of the bank’s services and credits, its financial statements, the rules of receiving plastic cards, investment principles. The “Financial Analytics” section is an in-depth analysis of the stock market, industries and macroeconomics. The section features the Ukrainian and the world’s stock markets indices updated on a daily basis. Website visitors can build the diagram of Ukraine’s major index KAS-20 progress for a certain period of time. The “Branch Network” section contains roadmaps for all of the bank’s Ukrainian offices. An online application in the “Plastic Cards” section simplifies the procedure of receiving an Alfa Bank card. People who want to join the bank’s team can fill in a questionnaire at the website and send it instead of a CV.

The website was ordered by Alfa Bank’s Ukrainian representative office.

Release date: June 06 2003, 09


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